Friday, April 18, 2008

Win A Purple Cowboy Vacation

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Purple Cowboys Launch Saturday AM Gano Coffee Corner Call w/ Ann Benoit

Each and every Saturday morning at 10:00EST... All of the Purple Cowboys and all of the Purple Cowgirls come a Dialin-In and a Ridin-In to be "On-the-Phone-Together" with their favorite cup of Gano Coffee, Tea, Moca or Hot Chocolate just to be a part of this "call". Everybody "Rides-In" to receive tons of good advice as Business Builders and to share tips, and product stories from each week's adventure of "Ridin' n Ropin' n Brandin'" on the Web and also in their Warm Market. Most of these Cowboys/girls have seen the wisdom of the "C" Business these 997MakeMoneyNow Purple Cowboy Guys have put in place and are investing their time into building long-term residual income with "healthy coffee beans."

Do You Drink Coffee? Do You Know Anybody Who Does?

Just like Ann Benoit's sister Elizabeth Parcells.....the Purple Cowboys like to bring the week to a conclusion on a high note of interest. Newest addition to the Saturday Morning Round-Up Call, Ann Benoit always leads the group in a lively and very informative chat on various topics which include: Product Testimonials, Mentoring Tips and Strategies,and lots more as these calls always just simply "go in the direction" the group is heading.

This is our most rapidly growing call and each Saturday AM is a fun-filled event as all the Cowboys/girls share together. Tune-in and find out for Yourself.....just Click Here to start Your own Purple Cowboy Ride.

(To hear Ann's sister sing; click on her name above and go to her website. Navigate to the Singing Section and scroll down to the Opera Playlist. Right Click and Save Target As to download the following MP3 File of the Donizetti Aria:)
"O luce de quest'anima"

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Purple Cowboy Calendar A Real Winner!

Clyde Batton says....
Well here's yet another Brand New Addition to Purple Cowboy's 997 MakeMoneyNow which promises to make keeping abreast of all the changes and events going on in 997MakeMoneyNow much easier. As Clyde Batton pointed out..."the Cowboys now have a calendar which shows You every weekly event with a picture and a simple mouse click".

Just look at the entries above and below which respectively advertise our StageCoach Approach call every Thursday nite and our Gano Excel Team Talk call with Shane Morand and Jay Noland taking place on Monday nites right after our 997 Overview and Opportunity Call.

Most people on the Internet are beginning to see that what Purple Cowboy Marketing has started and continues to bring about really does make "good ole plain-as-day-common ordinary" horse sense. We hope You too agree and will join us. Click Here for Your opportunity to......

"Saddle-up" and learn how to "Ride 'n Rope 'n Brand" with the Purple Cowboys on the World Wide Web.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

What's The Latest Purple Cowboy News?

Wow what an improvement!

Mo got busy and made it very easy for everyone to get a quick eagle's eye view of the entire 997 website. This puts everything right at your fingertips for fast reference.ClickHere to Ride with the Purple Cowboys

Clyde Batton also has completed the PDF's for the Gano Coffee Countertop and Tabletop Displays. These can be found in the resources area of 997MakeMoneyNow.

Clyde Batton is also having some Purple Cowboy Fun with a new page which features Brad Weinman of the Attraction Marketing Blueprint. I will soon have a link up for people to check out Brad's eBook. He is a good friend of some years now and is a very successful 7 figure earner. I AM sure his product and advise is of great value. You can take a look right here: GreenWheelBarrowCash

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